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I’m Kevin Mumaw, a photographer originally from Valencia, Venezuela.


I was born in Valencia, Venezuela on March 17, 1988. For me photography is my corner of privacy, my refuge when there are moments of stress, my way of expressing myself, capturing beauty, capturing unique moments, evading certain realities or immersing myself completely in them.

Photography began for me as a challenge, from there it became a hobby and now it is a passion, a necessity.

I have no talent for writing, for painting, for sculpture... or for many other things, so discovering photography has been for me, above all, a way to express, to try to transmit, to translate certain feelings... and with this I do not want to say that I have talent ... only that I have found in photography that path that I had forbidden in other art.



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Kevin Mumaw
Doral, Florida
+1 786 6782899

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